CEILI Platforms

Platforms are networks on legal informatics in a centre in Central and Eastern Europe comprising at least one academic group. The organisation can be very flexible: University, Academy, Association etc. Platforms are the main stakeholders of the CEILI network.

Present platforms
  • Wien Δ    Co-ordinator: Erich Schweighofer, Arbeitsgruppe Rechtsinformatik, Universität Wien; members: tbc
  • Bern Δ            Co-ordinator: Franz Kummer, Weblaw & Universität Bern; members: tbc
  • Brno Δ            Co-ordinator: Radim Polcak, Maseryk University Brno; members: tbc
  • Budapest Δ     Co-ordinator: Zsolt Balogh, Corvinus University Budapest; members: tbc
  • Kraków Δ       Co-ordinator: Michal Araszkiewiez, Jagellonian University, Kraków; members: tbc
  • Poznan Δ      Co-ordinator: Witold Abramowicz, Economic University of Poznan; members: tbc
  • Rovaniemi Δ     Co-ordinator: Ahti Saarenpää, University of Lapland; members: tbc
  • Talinn Δ       Co-ordinator: Robert Krimmer, Technical University of Talinn; members: tbc
  • Vilnius Δ      Co-ordinator: Vytautas Cyras, University of Vilnius; members: tbc

Presently, the platforms as well as the Research Groups are established. When finished, a thematic and a local structure of legal research can be presented.