Presently, several research projects are ongoing:

  • CISA (Cyber Situational Awareness) on legal questions of cyber situational awareness pictures. A site project deals with Cyber Treat Intelligence.
  • Internet Governance on ICANN jurisdiction, ICANN human rights & trade mark clearing house
  • Digital Sampling (supporting the Ph.D project of Raphael Elia Schanda at Vienna University)
  • Legal Data Analysis


CISA (Cyber Situational Awareness)

The project CISA represents a consistent fusion of existing research activities in the field of national cyber security, in order to develop a process to establish cyber-situational aware-ness within a scientifically sound concept. At the operational and technical level, solutions for the collection and aggregation of information regarding cyber threats have been developed, and at the strategic level the assessment and handling of cyber threats based on cyber situational awareness pictures has been researched on. An important link, namely the question of how the technical information from cyberspace can be processed and presented in such a cyber-situational awareness picture, turned out to be a challenging problem, for which there are still no sufficiently good solutions – even in an international context. Therefore, the CISA project, will work in close cooperation with national stakeholders to create a holistic definition of the term cyber-situational awareness (both military and civilian), describe the creation and utilisation processes, and combine (existing) tools to new instruments. At the same time, the involvement of Austrian legal experts is crucial, in order to ensure the real-world applicability of the newly developed solutions. Ultimately, these efforts will be evaluated and assessed in a demonstrator during a cyber exercise.